Favorites (ELLLO 221)

Shawn talks about things he really likes.

Shawn (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Shawn, I'm going to talk about your favorites.

Shawn: Sure. No problem.

Todd: What's your favorite color?

Shawn: I say, green.

Todd: Green.

Shawn: Yes.

Todd: OK. And what's your favorite fruit?

Shawn: My favorite fruit: orange.

Todd: Orange!

Shawn: Oranges. I love oranges. Very sweet and good for the body.

Todd: Yeah, have you had any of the oranges in Japan?

Shawn: I've had a couple. Much better than the ones I have back in Canada.

Todd: Oh, really. OK. Um, what's your favorite season?

Shawn: I'd say spring, cause it's a combination of warm weather, at the same time it's not hot like it is in the summer. In spring it's a bit cool. You can walk around very relaxed. It the best. It's a combination of all the seasons in one.

Todd: OK. what's your favorite movie?

Shawn: My favorite movie! I'd have to say "Gladiator." Russel Crow. It's a tragic movie about a very strong leader who, how-should-I-say, triumphs over, how-should-I-say, over very overpowering conflicts. It's, um, plus, I'm a bit of an action movie buff. I know it's sad to hear but, it's definitely an interesting movie.


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