Favorite Place (ELLLO 158)

Kentaro talks about his favorite country.

Kentaro (Japan, American Accent)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Kentaro, we're going to talk about destinations.

Kentaro: Alright

Todd: Where do you want to go?

Kentaro: I want to go to Thailand.

Todd: Thailand. Why Thailand?

Kentaro: Well, I love that country. The people, the food and the culture.

Todd: OK, and how would you get there?

Kentaro: Well, I guess from Narita Airport.

Todd: OK, how long would it take to get there?

Kentaro: Approximately 7 hours I would say.

Todd: 7 hours , that's not too bad. What would you eat in Thailand?

Kentaro: I would eat Thai food which is something like Pat Thai, which is a Thai noodle, or Tom Yang Gung, which is a Thai soup.

Todd: OK, is it spicy?

Kentaro: It's spicy.

Todd: Really. OK, how long would you stay?

Kentaro: As long as I can.

Todd: OK, Yeah. So.

Kentaro: As long as I don't get fired.

Todd: OK, Thailand has nice beaches and nice mountains. Which do you prefer the beaches or the moutains?

Kentaro: I prefer the beach.

Todd: The beach.

Kentaro: The beach. It's cold here. It's getting warm but I like warm weather.

Todd: OK, yeah, yeah. I miss the beach. I'm from California, we have nice beaches.

Kentaro: Oh, another beach person.


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