Driving (ELLLO 63)

Jeanna talks about her plans to learn how to drive and get a car.

Jeanna (USA)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Hello!

Jeanna: Hello!

Todd: We're back. What would you like to talk about?

Jeanna: Driving.

Todd: OK. Tell us about driving.

Jeanna: Well, I'm gonna get my permit soon and then I get to drive. I'm really looking forward to that. It's kind of the start of being independent.

Todd: Yeah, I hear you, so you say permit, is that the same thing as a license?

Jeanna: No, you have to have your permit six months before you can get a license.

Todd: Oh, really. How do you get a permit?

Jeanna: You have to take driving school, then you have to go to the DMV and take a test.

Todd: OK. What is the DMV?

Jeanna: The Department of Motor Vehicles.

Todd: OK, and they give you your license of permit so you can drive. OK, when you have a driver's license what places do you want to go to?

Jeanna: To see my friends and to hang out, just to school and back.

Todd: OK, nice, so do you have a car right now?

Jeanna: No.

Todd: OK, are you saving?

Jeanna: Yeah!


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