Camera (ELLLO 144)

Trevor answers questions about his camera and taking pictures.

Trevor (Australia)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Trevor, do you have a camera?

Trevor: Yeah, I have two cameras. I have a digital camera and a SLR camera.

Todd: OK, which one do you prefer?

Trevor: Recently I am using the digital camera a lot. I can make the photos on my personal computer.

Todd: OK. What do you like to take photos of?

Trevor: I like to take photos of people, mainly, sometimes landscapes but mainly people.

Todd: Now you mean your family or strangers?

Trevor: Oh, family and friends, sometimes strangers.

Todd: Oh, OK. Do you mind being photographed?

Trevor: No, I like it! No, I'm not shy.

Todd: OK. Do you smile when people take your picture?

Trevor: Sometimes, or I might make a silly face.

Todd: A silly face! OK. Um..what kind of pictures do you like to look at?

Trevor: I like to look at nice landscapes, and cityscapes.

Todd: Cityscapes!

Trevor: Yeah, photographs taken in the city.

Todd: OK. Great! And do you have pictures of yourself as a child?

Trevor: Oh, I've got a couple at home, but they're a bit embarassing.

Todd: OK. Do you have any pictures of your family in your wallet?

Trevor: Yeah, I've got a picture of my mum and dad.

Todd: Oh, Wow! Wow, that's nice! OK. Thanks, Trevor.


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