Fears (ELLLO 157)

Nanju answers questions about things people commonly fear.

Nanju (India)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Uhm, so Nanju, I'm going to ask you about things that people are sometimes afraid of. Are you afraid of flying?

Nanju: No

Todd: No. Do you fly a lot?

Nanju: No, if I am getting opportunity I will be very happy.

Todd: Really!

Nanju: Yeah sure!

Todd: OK, are you afraid of snakes?

Nanju: No.

Todd: No!

Nanju: No.

Todd: Now, India has cobras.

Nanju: Yeah, it's a lot of cobras. I have seen a lot of cobras, and fighting with cobras, each other, but run away so I can not.

Todd: So, you're not afraid of cobras?

Nanju: No

Todd: Like have you ever seen a cobra by your house?

Nanju: Yeah, I have seen a lot of cobras, which is going to be 12 feet.

Todd: Really!

Nanju: Yeah, sure.

Todd: And your not afraid?

Nanju: No, I will get some sticks and go through about from my home or something.

Todd: So you get a stick and you go and kill it?

Nanju: No, I won't kill it. Killing of cobra is very illegal in India. Not illegal, it's like god, so we won't.

Todd: Sin. It's a sin. Oh, wow.

Nanju: So we won't kill that cobra or something.

Todd: Wow, very fascinating. Thank you.


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