House Description (ELLLO 152)

Clare answers questions about her home in England.

Clare (UK)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Clare we're going to talk about your house.

Clare: OK.

Todd: OK, do you live in a big house or a small house?

Clare: I live in quite a big house.

Todd: A big house. Really!

Clare: Mm!

Todd: OK, how many rooms does it have?

Clare: About 12.

Todd: Jeez! 12 rooms.

Clare: Yeah.

Todd: Wow. Is it a new house or old house?

Clare: It's about 80 years old.

Todd: Wow. OK. I guess. well that's old for America, but that's probably not very old.

Clare: That's not very old for England.

Todd: Wow. OK. What is in your kitchen?

Clare: A big round table and a cooker.

Todd: OK. And what is in the living room?

Clare: A TV and a video.

Todd: OK. Do you watch TV a lot?

Clare: Yes.

Todd: OK. Uh, what do you watch on TV?

Clare: Anything. I don't really like watching sport.

Todd: Oh.

Clare: I like watching TV series.

Todd: Oh, wow, that's the only thing I like is sports

Clare: Some sports are OK. I don't like watching golf, snooker, and sports like that.

Todd: Yeah. OK. Great. Thanks.


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