Beach Life (ELLLO 124)

Trevor answers questions about what he takes to the beach.

Trevor (Australia)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Trevor, do you like the beach?

Trevor: I love the beach. The beach is great.

Todd: OK. Why do you love the beach?

Trevor: It's nice fresh air, beautiful water, you can play in the sand, and my hobby is surfing, so I like to go surfing.

Todd: Oh..nice. How often do you go surfing?

Trevor: I try to go as often as possible, usually every weekend.

Todd: OK. When do you go to the beach? Saturday? Sunday?

Trevor: Usually early on a Saturday morning. Try to beat the crowds.

Todd: OK. What do you do at the beach besides surfing?

Trevor: Oh, just relax on the sand, watch the people, maybe have a swim, throw a frisbee.

Todd: OK.

Trevor: Things like that!

Todd: How long have you been surfing?

Trevor: Since I was ten years old.

Todd: Wow, since you were ten. That's great! -- What do you take to the beach, when you go?

Trevor: A towel, and my hat, my sunscreen, my surfboard, wetsuit, some food and water, and maybe a radio.

Todd: OK. Now, you are from Australia. How are the beaches
different in Australia than Japan?

Trevor: The beaches are much bigger and white sand, clean water, very nice.

Todd: OK. Well, sounds good. Thanks a lot Trevor.

Trevor: OK. Catch you later.


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