Soccer (ELLLO 149)

Simon talks about his love for soccer and his team back home.

Simon (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Simon, what is you hobby?

Simon: Playing soccer.

Todd: OK. Wow, you play soccer?

Simon: Of course!

Todd: How often do you play?

Simon: Now I don't play, but before I played about three or four times a week.

Todd: Wow, that's quite a bit. -- How come you don't play now?

Simon: I've retired.

Todd: You've retired.

Simon: Yeah, I came to Japan. I had a soccer team, but now that I work in Japan I can't play for my soccer team at home.

Todd: OK. Do you watch soccer on TV?

Simon: These days? No! No time. Always working at Seitoku.

Todd: OK. Yeah, we, we all have to work I guess. Um..who is the best soccer player in the world?

Simon: That's hard to say. Right now, there's a kid named Ronaldino for Brazil. Maybe he will be the best.

Todd: OK. Nice. An..and what is you favorite soccer team?

Simon: Deep Cove Royals. That's my soccer team.

Todd: OK. Great. All right. Thanks a lot.


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