Adjectives - Opposites (ELLLO 73)

Jamon is given a word, an adjective, and says the first word that comes to mind.

Jamon (?)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK. Ramon, we're going to talk about opposites.

Jamon: OK.

Todd: What is big?

Jamon: The earth is big.

Todd: Yeah, I agree. What is small?

Jamon: I'm small on the earth.

Todd: That's true. How much do you weigh?

Jamon: I weigh 65.

Todd: Wow! 65 kilograms.

Jamon: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, yeah. I'm a little bit heavier, about 72....What is expensive?

Jamon: A big house is expensive.

Todd: Yeah, pretty much anywhere. Ooh..loud motorcycle. Sorry! What is small? I mean..I'm sorry..what is cheap?

Jamon: What is cheap? The 100 Yen shop is cheap.

Todd: Yeah. What can you buy at a 100 Yen shop?

Jamon: About everything.

Todd: Yeah.

Jamon: Which is good.

Todd: Do you think 100 Yen shops are a good idea, or do you think they're environmentally a bad idea?

Jamon: No, I like the 100 Yen shop.

Todd: Yeah. The cheap stuff. Actually. I do to. It's nice. Alright. Thanks a lot.


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