High School (ELLLO 216)

Sophie shares her high school memories.

Sophie (Australia)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Sophie, we're going to talk about high school. What was high school like?

Sophie: It was great. Lots of fun. Lots of friends. Learned quite a bit at school.

Todd: So, what did you study in high school?

Sophie: I studied mainly sciences actually.

Todd: Oh, really!

Sophie: Biology.

Todd: Did you study science in college?

Sophie: Yes! Oh, No! I didn't. I went on to do a bachelor of technology.

Todd: Oh, really. Well, that's kind of similar.

Sophie: Kind of similar. Related.

Todd: OK, what did you do in high school? Any clubs or anything?

Sophie: Yeah, I did rowing for the school. I played basketball, played tennis, was on the swimming team.

Todd: Wow, you're quite athletic. What sport did you like the most?

Sophie: Rowing.

Todd: Rowing. Do you still row?

Sophie: No, unfortunately not.

Todd: Really!

Sophie: Would like to.

Todd: Do you think you'll pick it up some time in the future?

Sophie: Yeah, maybe, if I'm around a lake or a river.

Todd: Yeah! Not too many lakes in Tokyo. Um, anything esle? Any other memories about high school?

Sophie: Yeah, lots of parties. It was good.

Todd: Sounds like a good time.

Sophie: Yeah!


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