Bread (ELLLO 71)

Marika talks a little about baking and making bread.

Marika (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Marika, do you like bread?

Marika: Yes, I do.

Todd: OK. What kind of bread do you eat?

Marika: I try to eat whole grain bread or bagels or something that's dark.

Todd: OK. What do you like to put on bread?

Marika: My favorite thing to put on bread is tomatoes and I also like honey.

Todd: OK. But not together?

Marika: Not together, no.

Todd: Do you like mustard?

Marika: No, I don't like mustard.

Todd: Oh, I love mustard. I eat mustard and bread just plain.

Marika: No, no. I know people that eat mustard sandwiches, and no!

Todd: OK. Can you make bread?

Marika: Yes, I can. Actually, I'm a baker.

Todd: Really.

Marika: Yeah!

Todd: Wow!

Marika: I'm a pastry chef.

Todd: That's incredible.

Marika: Although, bread is kind of a different branch. I do cakes and stuff like that. I can make bread. My grandmother makes bread all the time.


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