Adelaide (ELLLO 155)

Sophie talks about her hometown.

Sophie (Australia)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK. Hello!

Sophie: Hello!

Todd: Hi. Could you say your name please?

Sophie: Sophie Wilkins.

Todd: Sophie Wilkins. Sophie, where are you from?

Sophie: I'm from Adelaide, South Australia.

Todd: Oh, nice. Adelaide. What's Adelaide like?

Sophie: It's a big country town, although it is actually a capital city of South Australia.

Todd: OK. Is it like over a million people or?

Sophie: It's about 1.8 million people.

Todd: Oh, that's pretty big. Nice. How long have you lived there?

Sophie: I've lived there for about six years.

Todd: Six years!

Sophie: Mm!

Todd: OK. So, you weren't born there?

Sophie: No, no. I was actually born on a farm in mid-north South Australia.

Todd: Oh, nice. Farmer girl.

Sophie: Yeah!

Todd: That's cool. OK. So what, what do you think about Australia?

Sophie: I love it. I love the space, how clean it is, the health, the lifestyle. It's very healthy, and the people as well.

Todd: OK. Great, so after Japan are you going to go back to Australia?

Sophie: Temporarily I think yes. For a couple of months and then hopefully come back to Japan.

Todd: OK. Great. Thanks.

Sophie: Alright.


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