Abilities (ELLLO 184)

Norman talks about things he can and can't do very well.

Norman (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Norm, do you like to sing?

Norm: I wish I could sing, but no, I don't sing.

Todd: Yeah, OK. Neither do I. Do you like dancing?

Norm: Yes, I do.

Todd: OK. Uh..what kind of dancing do you like?

Norm: Oh, just not ballroom dancing, but just the ordinary one, you know, the just kind of just normal...nothing special.

Todd: Nothing special, no. OK. Do you like to cook?

Norm: Yes, I do.

Todd: OK. What, what do you like to cook?

Norm: I like to cook vegetables, yeah. Vegetables! OK.

Todd: And do you like to exercise?

Norm: Very much so I go, I used to go to the gym three times a week before I arrived in Tokyo.

Todd: OK.

Norm: Yeah, I used to go to a gym, but now I just run.

Todd: Last one! do you like to clean?

Norm: I like a clean place, but I don't really like to clean, no!  


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