The Weather (ELLLO 76)

Marika talks about the day's weather and about the kinds of weather she likes.

Marika (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Hey, Marika!

Marika: Hey!

Todd: How you doing?

Marika: I'm OK. How are you?

Todd: Good. Marika do you like summer?

Marika: No, I don't like summer it's my least favorite summer.

Todd: Wow, why?

Marika: Because I don't like hot weather. I don't like being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.

Todd: OK. Well, it's pretty hot in Japan so you must not like summer here.

Marika: No, I don't.

Todd: Is it hot in summer where you're from?

Marika: Yeah, it's pretty hot but usually we go away on the weekends to cottages and we go swimming in lakes and stuff.

Todd: Oh, that's nice. Where are you from by the way?

Marika: Canada.

Todd: So, what's your favorite season?

Marika: Winter or fall.

Todd: OK. Well, what do you do in the winter?

Marika: In the winter, activities you mean?

Todd: Yeah.

Marika: I go snow boarding and I go to onsens and I walk around and I enjoy the cold weather.


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