School Life (ELLLO 87)

Jeanna is an American high school student. She talks a little about school life.

Jeanna (USA)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Hello!

Jeanna: Hello!

Todd: Hi, what's your name?

Jeanna: Jeanna.

Todd: OK, Jeanna, how old are you?

Jeanna: I'm 15 years old.

Todd: 15! OK, are you in high school?

Jeanna: Yes, I am.

Todd: OK. What do you think about high school?

Jeanna: It's fun. Very diverse.

Todd: What do you like to study in high school?

Jeanna: I like history a lot.

Todd: OK. Why do you like history?

Jeanna: It's interesting to learn about the past, different things, and different cultures.

Todd: OK. What's one thing you don't like about high school?

Jeanna: People can be really cruel.

Todd: Oh, really! How? How are people cruel?

Jeanna: There's a lot of judgmental-ness.

Todd: Oh, that's too bad. So, you're nice to everybody?

Jeanna: Generally.

Todd: OK. OK. Who's your favorite teacher?

Jeanna: Probably my English teacher


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