Summer (ELLLO 111)

Kerri answers questions about summer.

Kerri (USA)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Hey, Keri. Let's talk about summer.

Kerri: OK.

Todd: Do you like summer?

Kerri: Yes, I do.

Todd: OK. Why?

Kerri: Because it's warm, and blue skies, and fluffy white clouds.

Todd: That's true. Now, you grew up in Southern California. What was it like growing up on the beach in the summer?

Kerri: It was great. It was a lot of fun. It's nice.

Todd: Did you learn how to surf?

Kerri: I tried a couple of times but I didn't want to learn in the summer time cause the beaches are too crowded so I tried in the winter but the water is very cold so I gave up after a couple of tries.

Todd: Oh, really. Even in winter it's too cold, the water.

Kerri: Yeah, the Pacific's cold.


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