Teen Years (ELLLO 164)

Mark talks a little about his teens.

Mark (Canada)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Now, Mark, you're from Canada.

Mark: That's right.

Todd: Where is it, actually, that you grew up?

Mark: I was born in Montreal and I lived there for four years, the first four years
but uh, I grew up in Calgary, which is Alberta, in the city of Banff.

Todd: OK, so what was your childhood like? Were you into nature, or sports?

Mark: Childhood I was into books. I was a big reader. I used to go the the library with my mother. And the first big trip I took overseas was when I was 14.

Todd: OK, actually, on this trip where did you go?

Mark: On this trip I went to Liverpool which is where my mother is from. So I went to Liverpool that time and Wales and Scotland and five or six trips after that.


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