Opposites (ELLLO 121)

Diana is given an adjective and must thing of the first word that comes to mind.

Diana (USA)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Diana we're going to talk about adjectives?

Dianna: OK.

Todd: What is hot?

Dianna: An oven.

Todd: Yeah. what do you put inside an oven?

Dianna: Pizza.

Todd: Pizza. Do you bake your own pizza at home?

Dianna: I have before. I'm not a good cook though, so.

Todd: Oh, yeah, me neither. What is cold?

Dianna: The Artic ocean.

Todd: That is true. Very cold. What can you find down at the Artic?

Dianna: Oh, Polar bears.

Todd: Yeah, polar bears OK, have you ever seen a polar bear?

Dianna: Only at the zoo.


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