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Sentences with "unity"
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Strength in unity.   T276754
団結は力なり。   T127335
They live together in unity.   T326504
和合して生活している。   T77215
Quarrelling spoiled our unity.   T66503
いさかいで私たちの融和が壊れた。   T229145
This organization lacks unity.   T58046
この組織はまとまりに欠ける。   T220724
The Emperor is the symbol of the unity of the people.   T278952
天皇は国民の統合の象徴である。   T125041
The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.   T243564
左手の人物がその絵の統一性を壊している。   T170916
For any type of organisation, internal harmony and unity are important factors in deciding its success or failure.   T328977
どんな組織であれ、内部の融和と団結はその組織の成敗を決める重要な要素だ。   T74742
He spoke of party unity.   T802926
No Translation   T802926
The EU's unity is gradually becoming shakier.   T182655
No Translation   T182655
The main idea in his speech was unity.   T807333
No Translation   T807333
Their team has a strong sense of unity.   T619124
No Translation   T619124
Unity is our strength!   T437454
No Translation   T437454
Unity makes strength.   T437117
No Translation   T437117
Unity, justice and freedom are the pledge of fortune.   T433822
No Translation   T433822

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