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Sentences with "sites"
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How many new sites were uncovered?   T269108
新しい遺跡で未発掘はいくつだったのですか。   T145455
I'd like to make a tour of famous sites in London tomorrow.   T323356
明日ロンドンの名所見物をしたいと思う。   T80361
Are there any knacks, or good sites, for downloading Japanese software?   T329611
日本語のソフトを落とすコツ・いいサイトありませんか?   T74109
Among the Internet sites that publish information on education related businesses are those given below.   T329463
教育産業に関する情報を掲載したインターネットサイトには以下のようなものがあります。   T74257
A great number of these buildings are World Heritage Sites.   T720336
No Translation   T720336
Do you have an account with any social networking web sites?   T434556
No Translation   T434556
For our children to be safe, please do not enter adult sites.   T595279
No Translation   T595279
I like social networking web sites.   T436733
No Translation   T436733
Social networking sites are all the rage now.   T496616
No Translation   T496616
Social networking sites are dangerous for people under 13.   T595273
No Translation   T595273
There are few sites in the Tatar language on the Internet.   T400803
No Translation   T400803

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