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Sentences with "resource"
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He had no other resource but to run away.   T301983
彼は逃げる以外手だてがなかった。   T101710
They had no other resource but to apologize.   T306811
彼らは謝るほかに方法がなかった。   T96893
Water is a natural resource of vital importance.   T270791
水はとても大切な天然資源だ。   T143775
水は極めて重要な天然資源の1つだ。   T143768
The one resource more precious than any other was land.   T24782
何よりも貴重な唯一の資源は土地であった。   T187644
This is international common sense, the great principle of resource management.   T329343
これは世界の常識であり、資源管理の大原則だ。   T74377
A library is the best resource for books.   T681919
No Translation   T681919
Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.   T939279
No Translation   T939279
Gas is an important natural resource.   T681917
No Translation   T681917
I use the Internet as a resource for my research.   T681918
No Translation   T681918

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