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Sentences with "represents"
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When annualized, the quarterly gain represents a 4% growth.   T282220
年率に換算すると、この四半期の増加は4%の成長になる。   T121785
I would like to focus attention on the particular design that best represents Emmet's concept.   T65273
エメットのコンセプトをもっともよく表現しているデザインに特に焦点を当てたい。   T227920
A perfect map would have to be as big as the territory it represents.   T584946
No Translation   T584946
A schwa represents a neutral vowel.   T483719
No Translation   T483719
A talent agency represents actors.   T680119
No Translation   T680119
This character represents the will to learn.   T607623
No Translation   T607623

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