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Sentences with "relevant"
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Your question is not relevant to the subject.   T17091
君の質問は当面の話題とは関係がない。   T178239
The content of his speech is not relevant to the subject.   T287868
彼の話の内容は主題と一致していない。   T115802
They found out truth while examining a pile of relevant documents.   T20821
関係書類の山をしらべていくうちに、彼らは真実をつかんだ。   T183698
Moreover, they underscored the need for providing policy relevant ready-to-use scientific results and methodology.   T438619
さらに、即戦力となる政策関連の科学的成果や手段の提供が必要であると強調した。   T438618
I hope this expense report contains all the relevant business expenses because I'm not paying a cent more after this.   T59410
この見積もりは経費一切合切を含めたものでしょうね。これ以上はびた一文お金は出さないからね。   T222084
I thought his opinion was relevant.   T403305
No Translation   T403305
Information in conversations could be relevant or irrelevant.   T874738
No Translation   T874738
The information is relevant.   T836215
No Translation   T836215
The relevant parties must do it.   T897711
No Translation   T897711

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