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Sentences with "positive"
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He made a positive answer.   T296343
彼は肯定的な答えを出した。   T107343
I am positive that he is wrong.   T21698
確かに彼が間違っていると思うよ。   T184570
Are you positive of that report?   T69940
あなたはその報告に確信を持っているのですか。   T232570
I am positive that he has finished.   T283837
彼が終えたことは確かだ。   T120172
She is positive of passing the test.   T314491
彼女は試験に合格すると確信している。   T89215
The tuberculin reaction was positive.   T39793
ツベルクリン反応は陽性でした。   T202559
He gave a positive answer to my question.   T297877
彼は私の質問に肯定的な答えをしてくれた。   T105810
She shows a very positive attitude to her work.   T313893
彼女は仕事に対してとても積極的な態度を示している。   T89822
Try to have a positive attitude about everything.   T24621
何事にも積極的な態度を取るようにしなさい。   T187485
I've decided to be more positive and give it all I've got.   T56288
これからはプラス思考でがんばって行こうと思います。   T218974
I am very positive and ambitious for my goals.   T687327
No Translation   T687327
I hope to effect positive change in the world.   T488481
No Translation   T488481
My attitude has changed for the better. I'm more positive now.   T505892
No Translation   T505892
My blood type is A positive.   T652516
No Translation   T652516
Negative electrons attract positive electrons.   T688037
No Translation   T688037
The assessment of communist countries is positive overall.   T435392
No Translation   T435392
These adjectives are all positive.   T634201
No Translation   T634201
With Renaissance, scholastic ideas gave place to positive ideas.   T809876
No Translation   T809876
You have to have a positive attitude if you want to get ahead in life.   T512908
No Translation   T512908

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