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Sentences with "percentage"
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What percentage of the students are admitted to colleges?   T275631
その学生たちの大学合格率はどのくらいですか。   T137605
What is the percentage of overseas markets for your products?   T20162
貴社の製品の海外市場の割合はどのくらいですか。   T183040
Japan's dependence on foreign trade is not necessarily very high as a percentage of GNP.   T281453
日本の貿易依存度はGNP比としては必ずしもそう高くない。   T122550
The Bank of Japan lowered its discount rate by half a percentage point Monday, bringing the key lending rate to 4.5%.   T281113
日銀は公定歩合を0.5%引き下げ、4.5%とした。   T122889
100 per cent of us die, and the percentage cannot be increased.   T733835
No Translation   T733835
What percentage of the people speak three languages?   T863682
No Translation   T863682

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