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Parliament is now in session.   T241393
国会は今会期中である。   T173079
Parliament has been dissolved.   T20020
議会は解散した。   T182899
The law has gone through parliament.   T43994
その法律は議会を通過した。   T206746
He was elected a member of parliament.   T296429
彼は国会議員に選出された。   T107257
The queen is going to address parliament next week.   T267271
女王は来週、議会で演説するつもりでいる。   T147289
Do you know when the first parliament came into being?   T20023
議会が最初に生まれたのはいつだか知っていますか。   T182902
He was famous for his marathon speeches in parliament.   T295162
彼は議会で延々と長広舌を振るうことで有名だ。   T108524
Parliament has its beginnings in 14th-century England.   T20022
議会は14世紀英国にその起源がある。   T182901
The government undertook a drastic reform of parliament.   T271460
政府は議会の抜本的な改革に着手した。   T143108
Parliament members had a raucous argument over the Wiretapping Law.   T241383
国会は、盗聴法案を巡ってまさに侃々諤々の体であった。   T173089
The premier announced his intention to undertake drastic reforms in parliament.   T266151
首相は議会の抜本的な改革に着手するつもりがあることを表明した。   T148408
The British Parliament is divided into the House of Commons and the House of Lords.   T66591
イギリス国会は下院と上院とに分かれている。   T229233
The Japanese Parliament today officially elected Ryoutarou Hashimoto as the country's 52nd prime minister.   T281385
日本の国会は、第52第首相に橋本龍太郎氏を正式に選出した。   T122618
His private papers include a diary of his first year in parliament.   T715637
No Translation   T715637
In 1764, the British Parliament approved the Sugar Act.   T804083
No Translation   T804083
Parliament approved the new law last week.   T681694
No Translation   T681694
Two members of the parliament were removed from office.   T681695
No Translation   T681695
We took a tour of the British Parliament.   T681696
No Translation   T681696

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