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Sentences with "originally"
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Originally they were farmers.   T306094
彼らはもともと農業をやっていました。   T97610
This poem was originally written in French.   T59042
この詩は本来フランス語で書かれていた。   T221716
Don't come to me now with that. You should have said something when it originally happened.   T242063
今頃言うなんて遅いよ。事が起こった時に言わないと。   T172412
Football originally meant "a game played with a ball on foot" - unlike a game played on horseback, such as polo.   T239449
元来フットボールとは、ポロのように馬に乗って行われる競技とは違って、足で、ボールを使って行われる競技のことでした。   T175018

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