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Sentences with "mode"
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This program cannot be run in DOS mode.   T60560
このプログラムはDOSモードでは作動しません。   T223228
The author's mode of expression is very concise.   T47791
その作家の表現方法はとても簡潔だ。   T210523
It's not the mode for young girls to curl their bangs.   T265753
若い女性の間で、前髪をクルクルさせるのは、モードではない。   T148806
The streets are in full Christmas mode - it's almost Christmas Eve.   T328112
街はクリスマスムード一色・・・もうじきイブだ。   T75606
Thanks to Haruna's "weather mode" Kaori's fervour was greatly dampened.   T327059
すっかり春奈のお天気モードのおかげで香の気勢が殺げているな。   T76661
Our mode of life has changed since the introduction of European civilization.   T262602
私達の生活様式はヨーロッパ文明の伝来以来変化してきた。   T151951
I didn't know what was what. The inside of my head had gone to panic mode and I couldn't get things straight.   T327414
何がなんだか分からない。頭がパニックに陥って整理がつかない。   T76306
Averages come in three flavors: mean, median, and mode.   T717916
No Translation   T717916
Tom knows how to operate practically any mode of transportation.   T958965
No Translation   T958965

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