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Sentences with "entry"
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The clerk made an entry in his ledger.   T263802
事務員は原簿に記入した。   T150755
The entry words are arranged alphabetically.   T239319
見出し語はアルファベット順に並んでいます。   T175147
Controlled Access Zone: No entry without permission.   T328742
管理区域 ― 許可なくして立ち入りを禁ず。   T74977
Our company is a small but elect venture business that assists in entry and totalling of questionnaires.   T327871
当社はアンケート入力、アンケート集計のお手伝いをする少数精鋭のベンチャーです。   T75847
Entry is strictly for staff only.   T437981
No Translation   T437981
He has an entry.   T434898
No Translation   T434898
You have an entry ticket.   T687928
No Translation   T687928
You need an entry ticket.   T687958
No Translation   T687958

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