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Sentences with "curve"
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The boy knows how to throw a curve.   T46400
その少年はカーブの投げ方を知っている。   T209139
At times I confuse curve with carve.   T258143
私は時々CurveとCarveを混同してしまう。   T156391
At times I confuse "curve" with "carve".   T264092
時々、curveとcarveを間違えてしまう。   T150465
The curve extends from point A to point B.   T63813
カーブはA地点からB地点にまでわたっている。   T226468
From the castle we could see the whole curve of the river around its base.   T328749
城からそのふもとをゆるやかに湾曲して流れる川全体が見えました。   T74970
A straight line is a trivial example of a curve.   T482156
No Translation   T482156
Draw me the Pareto curve.   T584219
No Translation   T584219
His car spun out of control going around the curve.   T596303
No Translation   T596303
This guy's great at pitching curve balls.   T628072
No Translation   T628072

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