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Sentences with "communist"
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I hope you'll never turn Communist.   T17884
君が共産主義者にならないように希望する。   T179029
The communist got his dependable supporter at last.   T327165
ついに、その共産主義者は手づよい味方を得た。   T76555
The communist gave in to his tough opponent at last.   T39916
ついに、その共産主義者は手強い相手に屈した。   T202682
He basically declares anyone who doesn't agree with him a Communist.   T812135
No Translation   T812135
I willingly join the Chinese Communist Party.   T521150
No Translation   T521150
Some Americans joined the Communist Party.   T805269
No Translation   T805269
The assessment of communist countries is positive overall.   T435392
No Translation   T435392
The communist forces quickly defeated the Marines.   T831302
No Translation   T831302
The Communist Party is the vanguard of the working class.   T428061
No Translation   T428061
The Marines quickly defeated the communist forces.   T807695
No Translation   T807695
They wanted to oust the communist government of Fidel Castro.   T802808
No Translation   T802808

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