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Sentences with "centre"
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Who do you think is the best centre in the NBA?   T72199
NBAの最もうまいセンターは誰だと思いますか。   T234822
There's a splendid park in the centre of the town.   T415495
その町の中心にすてきな公園があります。   T338493
A desk stood in the centre, with a red leather swivel-chair.   T329262
中央には机が据えられていて、赤い革張りの回転椅子がそえてあった。   T74457
This blog covers topics that centre on information infrastructure.   T329361
このブログは情報インフラを中心としたトピックを取り上げています。   T74359
The line of cars stretched all the way from the expressway to the city centre.   T265536
車の列が、高速道路から町の中心部までずっと延びていた。   T149022
At this language centre, about 15 international languages are taught, including English.   T393888
この語学センターでは、英語をはじめ世界15か国の外国語が学べる。   T393887
A dictatorship means, by definition, one centre of power.   T715657
No Translation   T715657
All the museum of my city are in the city centre.   T526681
No Translation   T526681
Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?   T663783
No Translation   T663783
Market Square is the historic centre of the city.   T405906
No Translation   T405906
Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.   T437753
No Translation   T437753
The airport is quite far from the city centre.   T526672
No Translation   T526672
The racecourse was set in a valley, about a mile from the town centre.   T934471
No Translation   T934471
There are no buses and there isn't a sports centre.   T463064
No Translation   T463064
There is a swimming pool and a big sports centre.   T463082
No Translation   T463082
Where the frontier of science once was is now the centre.   T918841
No Translation   T918841

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