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Sentences with "beliefs"
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He avowed his beliefs.   T298781
彼は自分の信念を公言した。   T104907
That goes against my beliefs.   T42364
それは私の信念にあわない。   T205121
They are fanatical in their beliefs.   T306791
彼らは自分たちの信仰に熱狂している。   T96913
Such actions are alien to our beliefs.   T49799
そのような行動は我々の信条に反する。   T212515
We should try to avoid imposing our own beliefs on others.   T248829
私たちは自分の信念を人に押し付けないようにすべきである。   T165676
Millions of people all over the world knew about Rev. Martin Luther King and his beliefs.   T271181
世界中の何百万という人々が、マーティン・ルーサー・キング牧師と彼の信念について知った。   T143386
Beliefs are product of our imagination.   T885507
No Translation   T885507
He had strong religious beliefs.   T803112
No Translation   T803112
One should be respectful of other's beliefs rather than mock them.   T713042
No Translation   T713042
Some very old beliefs are part of our world.   T883006
No Translation   T883006
There are certain beliefs about cows in India.   T882849
No Translation   T882849
They have a right to their political beliefs.   T802582
No Translation   T802582

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