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Sentences with "attempts"
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All our attempts failed.   T262592
私達の試みはどれもみな失敗した。   T151961
All our attempts were in vain.   T247542
私たちの試みはすべて無駄だった。   T166960
They scorned our attempts at reconciliation.   T306271
彼らは我々の和解の試みを鼻の先で笑ってはねつけた。   T97431
The attempts were for the most part unsuccessful.   T263412
試みはだいたいにおいて失敗だった。   T151144
Attempts to fight the fire with buckets soon proved fruitless.   T417727
バケツによる消火活動は、すぐに失敗と分かった。   T399829
Attempts to redraw voting districts have hit a wall of opposition.   T273541
選挙区の見直しの試みは、反対の壁にぶちあたりました。   T141031
The dog's attempts to climb the tree after the cat came to nothing.   T239225
犬は猫を追いかけようと木に登ろうとしたが、うまくいかなかった。   T175241
American industry makes various attempts to find and encourage brilliant students from abroad.   T67579
アメリカの産業界は海外からの優秀な学生を発見し援助するためにさまざまな試みをする。   T230213
Attempts to negotiate a peace treaty failed.   T805481
No Translation   T805481
He makes no half-hearted attempts.   T847141
No Translation   T847141
Masterpieces are but successful attempts.   T885384
No Translation   T885384
Masterpieces are only successful attempts.   T885368
No Translation   T885368
We have made several failed attempts at foresting the local landfill.   T878217
No Translation   T878217

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