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Sentences with "assembly"
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There were a great many people present at the assembly.   T46695
その集会に多くの人々が出席した。   T209435
その集会に多くの人が出席した。   T209434
Japan stood with the United States at the U. N. Assembly.   T281534
日本は国連総会で米国側に立った。   T122469
The assembly voted to protest against any nuclear armament.   T46694
その集会はいかなる核武装にも抗議することを決議した。   T209433
The assembly consisted of people concerned about human rights.   T46693
その集会は人権に関心を持つ人々の集まりだった。   T209432
On account of bad weather, we were forced to call off the assembly.   T262647
私達は、悪天候のため、会議をキャンセルせざるを得なかった。   T151907
The United Nations General Assembly adopted the cease-fire resolution.   T241472
国連総会は停戦決議案を採択した。   T173001
Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.   T554846
No Translation   T554846
He built them on an assembly line.   T803071
No Translation   T803071
Many workers are facing the ax in the assembly department.   T689775
No Translation   T689775
There are twenty-five students in the assembly hall.   T772597
No Translation   T772597

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