ESL Videos: Tag: ‘VOA Special English’

April 19, 2011

VOA TV – More Young Women Find a Calling in Catholic Orde

VOA TV – Scientists Use Radar to Study Bats, Birds and Insects

April 12, 2011

VOA TV – Fancy Cowboy Boots, but No Problem Finding Buyers

March 23, 2011

VOA TV – The Frederick Douglas House – Learning How an Escaped Slave Became a Leader

VOA TV – Studying How Plastic Pollution Enters Ocean Food Supply

March 15, 2011

VOA TV – Winemaking in Virginia, USA

VOA TV – Search for Common Ground

February 17, 2011

VOA TV – Amateur Astronomers Aim Thousands of Eyes at the Universe

February 4, 2011

VOA TV – Drum Circle Widens Into a United Nations of Beats

February 1, 2011

VOA TV – Broken Instruments Are Music to the Ears of These School Repairmen