ESL Videos: Category: ‘Videos with Transcripts’

December 21, 2010

VOA TV – The Old Penn Station

December 16, 2010

VOA TV – Aiming for Work in the Video Game Industry

VOA TV – Miles Copeland’s Bellydance Superstars

December 9, 2010

VOA TV – Hero Pilot Now Turns to Stopping a Descent in New Pilots

December 1, 2010

VOA TV – Painting Pictures of the Grand Canyon

November 19, 2010

VOA TV – Zombie Tag Race in Alexandria, Virginia

November 4, 2010

VOA TV – Technology to Help Drivers Avoid Accidents

October 7, 2010

VOA TV – Some Gardening Advice, Brought to You by Thomas Jefferson

June 22, 2010

VOA TV: The Gentle Barn Foundation – A Shelter for Abused Animals

May 27, 2010

VOA Special English TV: Georgia O’Keefe Exhibit Presents the Familiar With the Unfamiliar