VOA Special English TV – Antonio Mancinelli (99 Year Old Barber)

Many adults continue working long after other people have retired. One example is 99 year old Antonio Mancinelli of New York State. The Guinness Book of World Records calls him the worlds oldest barber.

ANTONIO MANCINELLI: You see all these people. You cut their hair for years, and you want to keep going. I have no way of thinking that I am going to retire. I am not retiring. Im just, keep on going until the end.

Mancinelli has been cutting hair since he was 12 years old. In the 1920s, some barbers did more than cut hair. They offered other services and treatments.

ANTONIO MANCINELLI: I used to use leeches. People used to come in there. They had high blood pressure, and I used to put a leech on them to take some of the blood away. And, they say they felt better.

Machinelli says he removed growths on skin with a heated pin, and performed the ancient art of cupping to treat pain. Now, he just gives haircuts. His customers are pleased.

CUSTOMER: Great barber. He doesnt use the clippers. You get a haircut with scissors. Its much better.

Mancinelli says people keep him going.

ANTONIO MANCINELLI: We had one fellow come in here, in fact. He came in and says, Anthony, you dont remember me. You used to cut my hair when I was a baby.

Mancinelli has lived longer than many of his customers. He worked seven days a week for 40 years. And he can still cut hair for 25 people in one day. Im Jim Tedder.