Expressions for Talking about Making Decisions (By Carl Kwan)

0:07 So, let me tell you a little story, all right?
0:13 I don’t mean to be bragging.
0:23 They know I’m poor.
0:27 turn them down = refuse them
0:45 clash = conflict
1:08 Name starts with “S”
1:14 willing to overlook that = willing to accept or ignore something
1:16 Just for the fact that …
1:30 straddling the fence
1:38 on the fence
1:58 I was really struggling = having a difficult time
2:05 on the fence
2:15 And I’m Lazy & see how tired I look?
2:29 straddling the fence / on the fence
2:33 = can’t make a decision & sometimes I can’t talk!
2:39 Or like this

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