The Passive Voice (By Conner Morgan)

This video is aimed at high level ESL students, so it may be difficult to understand. She speaks very quickly and does not limit her vocabulary.

0:00 -- Opening credits, etc.
0:21 -- She talks about what she is going to talk about.
0:45 -- The lesson starts here.
0:50 -- S V 0 (Subject -- Verb -- Object)
1:35 -- Active: “The player hit the ball.”
1:55 -- She talks abut tansitive verbs.
2:16 -- She talks about intransitive verbs: happen, sleep, come, seem
2:50 -- Passive: “The ball was hit by the player.”
3:29 -- She explains how these two sentences are different.
5:13 -- “Mistakes were made.”
5:30 -- She explains that we don’t know who made the mistakes.
6:00 -- Passive sentences are evasive.
6:28 -- She says that you should use the passive sparingly in academic writing. (You shouldn’t use it very often.)