114 Words with the /st/ Consonant Cluster

Consonant clusters are also called consonant blends.

These are roughly in the order that they appear in word frequency lists.

just, most, still, must, last, state, best, almost, interest, minister, past, study, staff, start, west, cost, lost, east, stage, rest, yesterday, students understand, instead, story, stop, standard, stood, list, stay, suggested, circumstances, style, stand, trust, statement, western, understanding, standing, interesting, status, step, interested, past, studio, stone, student, stock, justice, fast, forest, sister, domestic, existence, distance, waste, latest, contrast, substantial, master, star, eastern, historical, understood, exist, establish, least, institute, estate, institution, investigation, constant, vast, worst, coast, request, assistance, customer, communist, specialist, artist, store, constitution, breakfast, steel, taste, plastic, stick, resistance, mistake, chest, assistant, testing, stable, distinct, stairs, register, consistent, socialist, characteristic, constantly, August, constitutional, storage, host, outstanding, stuck, distant, festival, steam, disaster, estimate, assist, linguistic

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/st/ & /str/ Consonant Clusters