Pronunciation: The “T” Sound

0:00 -- Introduction, etc. -- You can skip this.
0:24 -- Explanation. (It may be a bit difficult to understand.)

1:08 -- Example Words
time, torn, twelve, trousers, what, after, Templetons,
tell, taxi, twenty, tried, late, water, tempted,
town, telephone, between, transport, night, empty, extravagant

1:49 -- Past tense verbs with “-ed” following a voiceless consonant
hoped, looked, puffed, missed, wished, fetched, tempted,
hopped, asked, laughed, passed, crashed, watched, boxed

2:23 -- Notes About Spelling Exceptions
- Some words that have “TH” in the spelling use the “T” pronunciation instead of “TH.
- Sometime the “T” is silent even though it’s in the spelling of the word.

3:20 -- Practice
(She does not allow enough time to repeat these, so click the pause button.
Better late than dead on time.
To fall between two stools.
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Temptations are like tramps--let one in and he returns with friends.
A storm in a teacup.
On the tip of your tongue.