Pronunciation: The “D” Sound

0:00 -- Introduction, etc. -- You can skip this.
0:22 -- Explanation about the “D” sound for advanced students.

1:10 -- Examples
1:11 -- Long Vowels
do, dreasy, bed, date, day, drab, rude, daughter, dog, drive, afraid, don’t.
1:32 -- Sometimes the “D” is silent in words that are written with a “D.”
1:56 -- Past Tense After Consonants
lived, sagged, seized, called, banged, waged
2:18 -- After “T” or “D” it become [id]
wanted, patted, added, landed, waited, acted, loaded, ended
2:46 = Lengthen the vowel if it is followed by a voiced consonant.
tame, mate, time, spite, tram, mat, toll, coat, dame, made, dime, spied, dram, mad, dole, code
3:21 -- Practice.
(She doesn’t allow enough time for you to repeat after her, so click the pause button.)
All dressed up like a dog’s dinner.
Never say die until you’re dead.
Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Dull as ditch water.