Fruits & Nuts and Related Vocabulary

apple, stalk, pips, core
pear, 2 pears, a pair of pears, prickly pears, a pair of prickly pears
avocado pear, pit
apples and pears (He says never to say “pears and apples.” I’m not sure that this is true for American English. Google show many pages with “pears and apples” See Search Results.)
Adam’s apple
Minimal pair: cherry / sherry
melon, cantaloupe melon, rind, flesh, seeds
watermelon, slice
kiwi fruit, oranges, lemons, limes,
He claims that we always say “oranges and lemons,” but never “lemons and oranges.” (This is apparently British English.)
citrus fruits
figs, a basket of figs
grapes, black grapes, white grapes. (In America, we usually say “purple grapes” and “green grapes.”)
a bunch of grapes
raisins, sultanas
nectarines, peach, skin
…. etc.