Words with the OW /aʊ/ Diphthong – Part 1 – 49 Words (now, how, wow, …)

Listen and repeat these words. There is enough time for you to say each word twice. Perhaps you would like to use this video more than one time.

These are 49 fairly commonly-used words with the OW /aʊ/ diphthong

now, how, wow, cow, eyebrow, meow, out, shout, trout, about, without, checkout, workout, found, sound, round, ground, around, loud, cloud, crowd, allowed / aloud, house, mouse, blouse, courthouse, dog house, brown, town, frown, noun, mountain, south, mouth, ouch, couch, ounce, bounce, announce, pronounce, owl, growl, foul / fowl, flower, shower, powder, coward

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