Using the Word “Absent” in Sentences (Listen & Repeat)

You don’t need to read Japanese to use this video. However, I put in a Japanese translation for each sentence since there was room on the screen.

Download for your iPod (Right-click or control-click the link.): absent.mp4 (3MB)

There are 28 sentence examples.

Is anyone absent today?
Who is absent?
Many students were absent from school.
Quite a few students are absent today.
Larry is absent from school today.
Glenn was absent from school yesterday.
Was anybody else absent?
Both Larry and Glenn were absent from school.
At least thirty students were absent.
No students were absent.
Robert is absent because he is sick.
Charles was absent from school because he was sick.
Several students were absent from school because of colds.
She was absent because she had a cold.
Mark is absent from school today.
How long has he been absent?
Bob is often absent from school.
Bruce is sometimes absent from school.
I am sometimes absent from school.
Please tell me the reason why they are absent.
I don’t know why Paul was absent.
Why were you absent yesterday?
I was absent from work yesterday.
I’ll be absent tomorrow.
Last week five students were absent from class.
She has been absent from school for five days.
She has been absent since last Wednesday.
Who was absent from school last week?

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