72 Two-Syllable Words Accented on the Second Syllable

1. Read and say the word.
2. Listen to it and repeat it.
3. Listen to it and repeat it again.
4. Listen to it and repeat it again.

about, between, because, against, again, within, about, around, although, away, support, himself, control, report, police, itself, across, effect, upon, themselves, provide, today, behind, believe, ago, indeed, herself, return, concerned, account, award, include, amount, despite, instead, success, design, alone, throughout, produce, direct, myself, defense, beyond, allow, hotel, appeal, appear, demand, aware. concern, advice, event, extent, degree, expect, response, yourself, accept, review, unless, supply, disease, remain, attack, campaign, suggest, exchange, machine, apply, create, avoid, agree

These words are roughly in the order that they appear on word frequency lists.

Within the high frequency words, 2-syllable words are more often accented on the first syllable.

If you read Japanese, you can see the meaning of each word during steps 3 and 4. However, you don’t need to be able to read Japanese to use this video for reading practice and pronunciation practice.