Listen & Repeat: The 90 Most Often Used English Words

You probably already know all of these words.
Can you pronounce all of them correctly?
Use this video over and over until you can say these words correctly.

the, of, and, to, a, in, that, is, it, was, for, on, be, with, I, he, as, by, you, at, are, this, not, have, had, his, from, but, they, which, or, an, were, her, she, we, there, been, their, one, has, will, can, all, would, do, if, more, when, who, what, so, about, up, its, some, into, them, could, no, him, said, only, two, out, other, then, my, may, like, over, also, these, your, any, me, now, did, people, very, after, should, just, than, most, where, made, between, back, way