Alan Nicholls’ Grammar Lessons

This is a playlist with the following videos.
These videos may be interesting to advanced ESL students.
TMTL 3 Present BE (3:20)
TMTL 4 Pronouns (4:34)
TMTL 5 Statements patterns in English Grammar l… (3:28)
TMTL 6 Question and Answer using English Grammar (4:20)
TMTL 7 Possessive Pronouns in English Grammar (3:33)
TMTL 8 “Key” and “0r” questions (4:29)
You can download the transcripts of these videos at

According to his YouTube profile, Alan Nicholls is 48 years old and is from Adelaide, Australia. He teaches English in Japan.

These 2 videos were purposely left off this playlist since perhaps they are not so interesting to ESL students.
TMTL 1 Introduction (3:24)
TMTL 2 The Role of Grammar (6:14)