This is ___ & These are ___ (49 Sentences)

These are things that I saw when I took a walk on May 29, 2009.

lake, flowers, manhole cover, fence, barrel, stack of firewood, road, wheelbarrow, wheelbarrows, post, posts, ferns, house, rope, yellow flowers, grate, stairs, life jacket, benches, chairs, ladder, ladders, faucet, swing, handrail, tree, dead tree, umbrellas, door, window, car, tree stump, hut, huts, bulletin board, gravel, bark, moss, hose, ditch, net, dead leaves, water tank, cable, cables, path, red flowers, orange flowers, purple flower, yellow flowers.

These are the sentences patterns.

I say each sentence two times.

This is ___.
-- a/an + singular noun
-- non-countable noun (such as gravel, bark and moss)

These are ___.
-- plural noun

Technical Info

I took the video using a Casio EXILIM camera and recorded the audio at the same time using the built-in microphone.

I then imported the video into iMovie 7.1.4, then put in the captions.